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Spring Give It A Go - Saturday, 13th February 2016

Offering the chance for people to get underground for the first time. Likely location: Birkwith.

Derbyshire Weekend - Friday, 19th February 2016 - Sunday, 21st February 2016

A chance to explore some of what Derbyshire has to offer from our base at the Orpheus hut.

Northern CHECC - Friday, 18th March 2016 - Sunday, 20th March 2016

Like CHECC but with mainly other Northern clubs.

Dinnermeet - Friday, 15th April 2016 - Sunday, 17th April 2016

This year at Austwick Village Hall.
AGM to be held on Sunday.

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This is the official website of University of Leeds Speleological Association (ULSA). We are an active caving club based in the north of England with members based all over the world.

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LUUCAS (The Leeds University Union Caving Adventure Society) is the student branch of the University of Leeds Speleological Association (ULSA). If you are a new student member, or would like to join, you may want to visit the LUUCAS website


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